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Trying Times for Commercial Trucking Insurance and Owner Operators Insurance…

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Being the owner/operator of a trucking business is a great thing.  The time constraints you face can cause a lot of stress, however.  But, with the right attitude, even these obstacles can be overcome.  Learning to get on a schedule . . .  the right schedule or routine, can be trying, at best.

You need to start with a couple of changes to your regular routine.   Getting to bed at a set time every night and not varying from it will help with road fatigue.  Getting up at the same time every morning, allowing yourself plenty of wake-up time, will help you get on down the road timely.

Next, develop a checklist for your big rig.  Starting each day, quickly going over the rig and making sure you start the day with all systems operating normally, will help provide a smoother day.   Also, having your “time out stops” planned in advance, so you know how long you can afford to be off the road.

It is wise to review the road condition surveys so you can prevent unnecessary detours that would derail a timely, efficient haul.

You will need to schedule time for yourself every few days so you can review invoices, billings, tax notices, insurance notices and other business communications that are vital to the operation of your business.

Truckers have to be more vigilant to the above routines more now than ever.   You are in a new phase of the life of your business when technology may be your biggest culprit to maintaining your individualism and freedom.   Self driving transportation is here and will only get better with time.  AI, or artificial intelligence, is here, and will determine how many jobs will be available in the future.

Having stated all this, insurance will be at the head of each issue stated.  You will need to shop for employer liability, general liability, cargo, comprehensive, collision and truck liability more diligently than those before you.   You need to look at bundling your insurances coverages.

Finally, for your commercial trucking insurance, we are here to help you.  Give us a call, text, email or just stop by and we’ll work diligently for you to alleviate the hassles the industry will ultimately put before you.

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